Residential Services

Residential Children’s / Young People’s Homes and Supported Living Homes

Cherish Childrens Care Ltd aims to provide a positive residential experience for each of the children and young people in our care. Each child and young person is different and therefore the support provided to them whilst in our care is tailored to their needs.  


Our purpose is to create real opportunities for the children and young people, enabling them to change and take control of their lives. In doing so our hope is that the children will grow and develop in confidence, self-esteem and self-respect leading them to gain the skills required to survive and succeed in life, to enable them to give back to their community and beyond.


Assisted and Supported Living

The Cherish UK Assisted and Supported Living Team are here to ensure that you are able to maintain your independence and lifestyle whilst living within your own home.

Our team of carers will support you with your personal care needs; your finances and budgeting; help you with household duties such as cooking and cleaning; they will also be there to support you with social activities and maintaining links to your family, friends and community.

Cherish UK operates a 24 hour on call system, ensuring that a carer can be available to you in an emergency or out of office hours for help and support.

The one to one care and support that you receive from Cherish UK will be tailored to your individual needs and will assist you to achieve your goals.