Cherish Childrens Care

Cherish Children’s Care have two residential properties in the North West of England. Our Homes are individual in style and
the number of people they accommodate. We accommodate the children and young people we look after in small, family sized groups, 52 weeks of the year and provide 24 hour care.

We specialise in providing care to children and young people who may have a range of complex needs, emotional and behavioural
issues or who may have found it difficult at any previous setting they were residing at including family, foster or other settings.

Our young people may have additional barriers to living and learning such as social and communicative needs and may be vulnerable due to a risk of self-injurious or challenging behaviours.  We ensure the young people feel safe and
valued. The staff team encourage positive behaviours which will produce positive outcomes in all aspects of the children’s and young people’s lives on a sustainable, ongoing basis.

The staff team is committed to providing an environment which facilitates the young person’s growth, maturation, self-respect and responsibility and the development of age appropriate skills and behaviour. This is within the context of the need to provide young people with positive adult role models, guidance and boundaries, achieved within a manner which respects their rights, individuality and dignity.

As part of this process, at all times the staff will ensure that the wishes of the young person, their parents/carers and other
involved parties are sought, and that their participation in the care planning process is enabled by comprehensive on-going assessments and care planning which the young people themselves will play an integral part (where appropriate).

Our Aims

Our aim is to make a positive difference to the personal, social and learning lives of the people entrusted to our care on a
sustainable basis. Salvo House currently accommodates three young people at any time, and we offer short, medium and long term placements where we will respond to the general needs of young people as they progress through adolescence. We cater
for needs such as social, physical, linguistic, intellectual, cultural, emotional and sexual health needs.

In addition to this we will also meet the specific needs of young people that relate to their individual history through behaviour
management, key work, challenging negative behaviours and attitudes, life story work and one to one counselling sessions.





We work with children and young people to prepare
them for the next stage of life, whether that is returning to their family,
moving on to foster care, long term residential care or independent living.
Cherish recognises that young people need an environment that can provide a
person centred approach to help them regain balance in their lives.


Salvo House implements continuous consultation
across our processes which will include the children and young people’s wishes.
We also consult with professionals including Social Workers, Independent
Reviewing Officers and families. At Salvo House we promote diversity and
recognise that everyone is different and will support Young People in any area
needed such as gender issues, race, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.

Our staff are pro-active in multi-agency co-operation and will seek
specialist advice with other agencies that will then form an integral part in
all decisions affecting the young person. 
Salvo House has input from CAMHS and NWT (North West Therapies) who offer a range of
therapeutic and psycho therapeutic intervention. Support or
advice, when necessary, will also be sought from education welfare officers,
the police, the youth offending service, community projects who support
minority ethnic minorities, and other agencies as deemed appropriate.