Your Care Package with Cherish

Once you have chosen to use Cherish UK as your care provider your key worker will visit you in your own home to introduce themselves, provide you with more information about Cherish UK and complete your care plan with you.


A client’s Care Plan serves several purposes; it is an agreement between the client and Cherish UK outlining the details of the care that we will be providing and how it will be managed day to day; it also highlights everything that is important to you. Not only does it look at your hopes, dreams and aspirations, but it is also an opportunity to discuss anything that is concerning you.


The care plan contains information about your care so you are in control at all times; it is there to help you move forward. The areas covered within your care plan include:

  • Support services you want
  • What times would you like your care visits to be
  • Emergency contact information
  • Information concerning any current medications
  • Information about your dietary needs
  • Exercise plan
  • Aspirations and ambitions


The Cherish UK Care Plan will be reviewed at fixed times to ensure that all information is correct and any changes in your circumstances are spdated. However if at any time you feel you would like to make any changes your care plan can be reviewed at your request.


Once your Care Plan is completed the team at Cherish UK will begin work on selecting the ideal carers suited to your needs. These carers will be introduced to your care package and constantly monitored.